Sexual Wellness Coaching – GET TO KNOW ME SPECIAL $80 (reg $160)

Sexual Wellness Coaching – GET TO KNOW ME SPECIAL $80 (reg $160)

When was the last time you…

  • Experienced sexual desire?

  • Knew you were still a sexy, desirable woman?

  • Felt an urge for intimacy?

  • Felt soulful passion in your life? 

Experiencing Sexual Wellness:

  • Unblocks your creativity

  • Allows abundance to flow

  • Provides spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being

  • Creates a deeper bond of intimacy with yourself & others

  • Attracts a soul-based love

  • Enables you to manifest the life you desire

As a sexual wellness coach for menopausal women, I collaborate with women on their journey to rekindle their enthusiasm and zest for both intimacy and life itself. We delve deep into the obstacles hindering their fulfillment and work together to uncover their unique needs and aspirations. I aim to infuse their lives with renewed passion and vitality by empowering them with self-confidence inside and outside the bedroom.

Sexual Wellness Involves The WHOLE You:


Your “self-talk”, thinking about performance, capacity for fantasy, the willingness to shift your energy, and troubling thought patterns, such as compulsivity.


Feelings that you carry from the past, about your body and body image, what you suppress and express, how you express your emotions and your capacity for intimacy.


Looking at your body image. Knowing how your own pattern works, understanding your own body’s roadmap, acknowledging your own functions and dysfunctions, and learning skill for how to be a successful human alone or with a partner.


Everything around you is energy!! The buildup, the containment, and the expression of energy. Energy is terrific and removes the need for a lot of medications. In my one-to-one work, I listen and observe clients intuitively for energy patterns and how the energy body vibrates with the individual.


The essence of self – your soul. Esoteric moments or practices that transcend the moment.

Sexual Wellness Coaching

As a sexual wellness coach for menopausal women, I focus on revitalizing and healing your sexual energy, resulting in a vibrant and renewed desire. I guide you in shifting your energy to welcome back passion and introduce you to innovative techniques that allow you to master your sexuality, regardless of your relationship status. Embracing your sensuality opens the doors to emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Guided by your choices, I may provide new strategies and tools to invigorate your intimate experiences while boosting your confidence inside and outside the bedroom. Together, we explore pathways to rejuvenation and healing, addressing your current state to facilitate forward movement. If desired, I educate you on the diverse holistic remedies available, ensuring compatibility with your medications.

I help you return to your natural vibrational state, attracting potential soulmates or twin flames if you seek a new love. Additionally, I support you in enhancing existing relationships and fostering love and connection on a soul-to-soul level. Through my guidance, you’ll learn how to find your soul relationship, saving yourself time and heartache.

Join me in this transformative journey to unlock desire, improve love, and uncover your deepest passions. Together, we’ll delve into your challenges, identifying your wants and desires while building confidence in all aspects of your life.

How This Works:

You + Me + 45 minutes = You’re on the path to sexual wellness!

  • 45-min conversation for you to discover why desire, passion, and confidence went into hibernation.
  • Energy assessment to discover what chakras or energy streams are out of balance and contributing to your sexual & intimacy issues.
  • Holistic practices to keep your sexual energy, passion, and confidence strong & vibrant. Emailed after the session.
  • Email follow-up in two weeks.

“What a difference a few design changes made to my bedroom & my life! Never underestimate the power of a well-placed crystal.”

Marie Franks - Charleston