Sexual Energy 180 – GET TO KNOW ME SPECIAL = $33 (REG $66)

Sexual Energy 180 – $75 GET TO KNOW ME SPECIAL = $33 (reg $66)

Bring Sexy Back

Did you know that your creativity, abundance, and sexual energy are all intertwined in the same energy stream? If one is in a funk – all three are treading toilet water. This is one of the many reasons why I am a enthusiastic supporter of having high sexual energy.

What Happened To Your Sexual Energy?


Life has a way of quashing our sexual oomph. Between work, paying bills, taking care of a house, school, children, senior parents, pets, social events, friends, spouse/bf/gf/partner, menopause, illnesses, the pills for what makes us ill, and everything else under the sun, our desire wanes. Once it begins its descent, it is difficult to have our sexual energy make a 180.

This is where I come in. I would love to help you do a 180 on your sexual energy. Reconnecting with yourself and/or a loved one keeps the doctor away, allows you to get more Zzzzzzz, improves your mood, and supercharges you into a law of attraction magnet!

How I Help

  • Looking at your energy (non-invasive), I see your energy’s (or aura’s) colors and where they are hanging out – and if you are missing any vital colors. This will tell me the condition of your energy field and how it affects your sexual energy.

  • Stepping in and balance your orange energy, which regulates your sexual energy – plus creativity, wellness, pleasure, and abundance. You will not feel me working on your energy and do not have to prepare for the healing for it to work.

  • After I balance your energy & tell you what I see or do not see, I will give you holistic suggestions on how to reorganize your energy including: music, activities, flower essences, stones/crystals, oils, herbs, feng shui, and energy exercises.

  • AND….(and oh yes, there is an and) if you want to chat about the results – I’m there for you! Skype, IM chat, or email – I want to make sure you are crystal clear on what need done!


“I did a Sexual Energy 180 reading with Allie Theiss and it was spot on. It was amazing that someone knew what I was experiencing without knowing me, and was able to clearly articulate it as well. I highly recommend the reading if you’re curious about the energy you feel and put out to the world sexual and otherwise.

What’s proof is that I forgot that Allie was going to do my reading yesterday (as she does it on her own time without the client), and it so happened I was able to be home with my son yesterday morning as our Nanny needed off. My son and I took a nap together and I was suddenly zonked. Our nap was 2 hours rather than the typical 1 hour. A bit later, I received my reading via email from Allie. Guess what, turns out my reading was at the time I fell asleep. I was a believer in energy reading before the experience, but now I’m totally convinced.”

Amy Levine NYC

“Your Sexual Energy 180 with Allie was the best gift I could give myself after a challenging divorce. Sex has always been fraught with trepidation and reluctance for me. I recognize now how my low energy in this area affected my overall well-being. Practical, doable routines for self-care were an important take-away for me—I have learned not just how, but why, to put focused attention on self-care in this arena to make my life as vibrant as it can.”


“I loved working with Allie. I didn’t know what to expect and was so surprised at the accuracy of her reading. It was incredibly thorough and offered a variety of suggestions on how to transform my current energetic situation. I especially appreciated how she recommended specific gemstones and flower essences. I love using flower essences and the ones she picked were totally right on for my situation. I would definitely recommend working with her.”

Danielle Brennan