The Desire Package – $250

The Desire Package – $250

Bring Back Desire

Life happens. Your job or business requires your attention. Your friends need you – many times at the most inopportune time. Your family needs you for major and minor details of their lives.

Have pets? They need you too.

Social media — keeps you in the loop + provides you with endless cat videoes.

With your attention everywhere but on you, how are YOU doing? 

More specifically, your sexual desire or libido – is it everything you need?

As women, our sexual desire takes a whammy from many sources besides the attention grabbers.

The Whammies Include:

  • Aging: menopause, osteoporosis, heart disease

  • Emotions: anxiety, anger, depression, fear

  • Environment: home life, work, peer group

  • Medications: depression, anxiety, high blood pressure

No matter how long big pharma tries to manufacture the Libido Pill they will not be successful.


Women do not have one reason that our sexual desire fades.

We are awesome. We are multi-layered.

There’s no way in hell for a “one for all” pill to adjust all the layers.

The Desire Package adjusts each layer so that it is balanced thereby enabling your desire to spark and burn baby burn!

The Desire Package:

The Desire Package shifts and releases pain & blockages + balances/strengthens your energy to increase your sexual desire, infuse your life with passion, and explore the sensual woman that is YOU.

The Package Includes:

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Girl Talk

30 min of 1:1 unfiltered talk in a secure, safe place. We talk about the whole you – who you are – how you got to this point. As we talk, your energy speaks as loudly as your words.

Personalized Flower Essence Combo

I create a flower essence combo unique to you and your energy alone. Flower essences work with your energy so that it does NOT interfere with any meds you are taking. Unsure what constitutes a flower essence? CLICK HERE to find out more!

Four Vital Energy Streams

I balance the Four Energy Streams that allow you to release and enjoy your sexual desire and passion.

Red (Root Chakra): allowing you to get out of your head and back into your body.

Orange (Sacral Chakra): energizing your desire and freeing the energy to surge through your body.

Yellow (Solar Plexus Chakra): giving you the confidence to speak up for your desire and the self-esteem to enjoy your sensuality.

Green (Heart Chakra): granting permission to experience love.

You will get a short report on how I found these four energies and how difficult or easy it was to balance.

Energy Resource Guide

What you eat. What you wear. Your environment. The people you meet.

What do they all have in common?

They all affect your energy.

You receive a handy PDF of stones, food, essential oils, affirmations, & practical exercises for you to keep your energy streams in balance whenever you need it.

Sex & Love Mudras

Use energy gestures with your fingers and hands; these mudras help you reconnect to your desire in a moments notice.

“Allie’s work with me was amazingly insightful and provided me with ideas about how I can boost or harness my own energy to flow better. Comprehensive info afterward and lovely support. Highly recommend!”

Anjanette - Australia

“Only 36 hours after Allie did my energy, my hubby woke me for some Midnite Lovin’. My first multiple O in months! Feels like I’m getting my groove back! Waahoooo. I haven’t even had a chance to start the homework she gave me yet. Holy cats, this could be total awesomeness!”

TL - Vancouver, Canada

“The biggest thing you dealt with was diffusing my abundance of red energy, and I have to say that I felt a shift in my anger after our session. I just don’t feel as angry about things, I don’t obsess over the things that bother me as much as I did before. I have also noticed that I am much more likely to speak up sooner when something upsets me, which means I get over it sooner, as well. This has definitely improved my relationship because I waste less time being upset or angry when we are together. I am taking the flower essence very regularly.”

Alejandra - Texas