SHE-BE-ME Coaching

Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

This is how you transform your libido and achieve your goals with professional and personalized support.


SHE-BE-ME Coaching

Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

This is how you transform your libido and achieve your goals with professional and personalized support.

From Chore to Cherish: Rediscovering the Joy of Intimacy

For many women, the changes that come with menopause or postpartum periods can turn intimacy into something that feels more like a chore than a cherished connection. Maybe you’ve been going through the motions, disconnected from the pleasure and closeness that once colored your intimate life. The SHE BE ME Transformation Program begins right here, at the point of transformation, with the goal of helping you rediscover the joy and intimacy that is rightfully yours.

Imagine waking up to another day and a new sense of self. Over the last few months, you’ve noticed a gradual shift. Where intimacy once felt like an obligation, a routine checked off at the end of the day, it now beckons as a source of joy and exploration, sparking a new excitement in your life. This isn’t just about rekindling romance or desire; it’s about reigniting the connection to your deepest self, reshaping your relationship with your body, and restoring the emotional and physical intimacy that once brought you so much joy.

Our program, led by a experienced and certified coach, is your guide through this profound transformation. Through personalized 1:1 coaching, tailored exercises, and a supportive environment that nurtures growth, you’ll embark on a journey that brings back the spark of passion and empowers you to embrace your sexuality with confidence and joy.

Embark on a Three-Month Journey of Personal Growth, Self-Discovery, and Empowerment

Rediscover the depths of your feminine spirit through our uniquely tailored SHE BE ME Transformation Program. This comprehensive three-month coaching package is meticulously designed to nurture your sexual and emotional wellness, allowing you to reconnect with your deepest desires, enhance your well-being, and awaken the vibrant, passionate essence within you. Specifically tailored for menopausal or postpartum women, this program addresses the unique challenges and changes your body is experiencing, whether your hormones are fluctuating or have shifted significantly.

Personalized 1:1 Coaching

Each SHE BE ME journey is uniquely personalized. Our 1:1 coaching approach ensures that every aspect of the program is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. This personalized attention guarantees that your individual journey is as effective and fulfilling as possible, addressing your unique circumstances and aspirations.

What This Program Offers

Our SHE BE ME program offers an immersive and transformative experience across three critical stages: Self-Discovery, Deepening Understanding, and Application. Each stage is crafted to progressively deepen your connection to yourself and enhance your life in meaningful ways.

Program Benefits

  • Deepen Spiritual Connections: Cultivate a deeper spiritual awareness and enhance your intimacy with yourself through guided meditations and creation of sacred spaces.
  • Enhance Physical and Mental Health: Strengthen your body and mind with tailored physical activities and nutritional guidance that promotes overall wellness.
  • Optimize Your Environment: Transform your personal spaces to support your sexual and emotional health, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.
  • Cultivate Body Gratitude: Learn to love and accept your body through practices like self-massage and positive affirmations, improving your body image and self-esteem.
  • Emotional and Energy Mastery: Manage and harmonize your emotional and energetic states for improved sexual connections and emotional well-being.
  • Clarify Desires and Boundaries: Through mindfulness and creative mapping, gain clarity on your emotional needs, desires, and personal boundaries, empowering you to express and fulfill them.
  • Strengthen Relationships: Improve communication and deepen connections with partners, enhancing intimacy and understanding in relationships.
  • Continuous Personal Growth: Regular sessions allow for ongoing adjustments and enhancements to your personal practice, ensuring sustainable growth and satisfaction.

Holistic Methods

Our approach is deeply holistic, integrating physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental well-being into every aspect of the program. We utilize a variety of techniques and practices that are all designed to work synergistically to enhance your overall health and happiness. Below, you’ll find detailed graphics that outline our methods, including:

Flower Essences
Essential Oils
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Feng Shui
Brain Power

SHE BE ME Explained

Explore the foundational elements of the SHE BE ME method through informative graphics. Each graphic is designed to visually communicate the core aspects of the program and how they interconnect to support your journey. This section enhances understanding and engagement by illustrating the unique approach of SHE BE ME.

SHE-BE-ME Coaching Framework(tm)

Whether I am providing guidance in group coaching, individual coaching, or during a sexologist consultation, my approach is consistently structured around the SHE-BE-ME coaching framework. This methodology is specifically designed to honor and address the multifaceted nature of women as sexual beings. Recognizing the complexity and depth of women, the SHE-BE-ME framework is meticulously crafted to cater to each individual’s unique and diverse aspects.

Spirituality is integral to sexual wellness, fostering deep connections with oneself and a partner, often going beyond mere physical interaction. This spiritual connection enriches intimacy, emotional depth, and mutual understanding in relationships while aligning sexual practices with personal values and beliefs enhances fulfillment and authenticity in sexual experiences. Acknowledging diverse cultural and social influences on spirituality can further deepen this understanding.

Health, encompassing physical and mental aspects, is critical to a woman’s sexual wellness. Acknowledging the prevalence of chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or immune disorders, this model highlights the importance of adapting to and managing these conditions. Mental health care, including stress management, is equally vital in maintaining a balanced and fulfilling sex life, regardless of health challenges.

A woman’s sexual wellness is greatly influenced by her environment, with factors like safety, stress, and physical surroundings playing key roles. Stressful or unsafe environments can hinder sexual desire and satisfaction. In contrast, a supportive, safe, and stress-free environment fosters increased libido and overall sexual health. Awareness of environmental pollutants and their impact on hormonal balance is also crucial for maintaining sexual function.

The human body, as the physical medium of sexual pleasure and intimacy, is foundational to sexual wellness. An understanding of one’s body, its responses, and needs is important to a healthier and more gratifying sexual experience. Emphasizing regular health check-ups and good physical health aids in preventing sexual health issues and enhances overall sexual well-being. This includes acknowledging the impact of technology and media on body image and sexual expectations.

Energy is redefined as the aura surrounding all living beings, integral to our sexual wellness. This aura, a dynamic and interactive field, reflects and influences our emotional, spiritual, and physical states. By learning to sense and harmonize our aura and its interactions with others, particularly in intimate relationships, we can deepen our connections and enhance the richness of our sexual experiences. Embracing practices like meditation, mindfulness, and energy-based techniques (like Reiki or Qi Gong) help maintain a balanced aura, fostering a profound and spiritual dimension to sexual wellness.

The mind, being a pivotal sex organ, shapes desires, fantasies, and perceptions of intimacy, playing a pivotal role in developing a healthy sexual identity. Mental health influences emotional connections with partners, body image, and self-esteem. Practical communication skills stem from a healthy mental state, essential in expressing desires and setting boundaries.

Emotions profoundly impact sexual wellness, influencing comfort, trust, and desire in intimate encounters. They are central to fostering healthy relationships and enhancing communication, empathy, and mutual understanding regarding sexual needs and boundaries. This leads to more satisfying, consensual, and emotionally fulfilling sexual experiences. Recognizing and managing emotional health is as important as addressing physical aspects of wellness.

Beyond Intimacy: The Unintended Gifts of Transformation

While the primary focus of the SHE BE ME Transformation Program is on rediscovering and enhancing intimacy, many participants find themselves enjoying a range of unexpected benefits that permeate all areas of their lives. This program does more than reignite the flames of passion and connection; it serves as a catalyst for profound holistic transformation, impacting your creativity, wellness, emotional balance, and personal magnetism. Here’s how:

  • Heightened Creativity: As you reconnect with your inner self and passions, you may notice a surge in creativity. The process of self-exploration and renewal can unlock new ideas and inspirations, enabling you to express yourself in novel and exciting ways, whether in arts, writing, problem-solving, or everyday creativity.
  • Enhanced Wellness: The comprehensive approach of the program, which includes physical activities, nutrition, and stress management techniques, contributes to overall wellness. As your body attains better health and balance, you’ll experience increased energy, improved sleep, and a stronger immune system.
  • Deeper Pleasure: By transforming your relationship with intimacy from a chore to a cherished experience, you’ll unlock deeper levels of pleasure not only in sexual experiences but in daily life. This newfound joy can make ordinary moments feel extraordinary, enriching your life with satisfaction and happiness.
  • Emotional Empowerment: The program’s focus on emotional mastery helps you gain better control and understanding of your emotions, leading to greater emotional resilience and intelligence. This empowerment allows you to navigate life’s ups and downs with more grace and confidence.
  • Magnetic Power: As you grow in confidence and self-love, you’ll naturally start to draw people and opportunities toward you. This magnetic power comes from a strong, vibrant aura that you develop as you become more authentically yourself, attracting like-minded individuals and opening doors to new possibilities.

The SHE BE ME Transformation Program is not just about enhancing intimate experiences; it’s about setting off a ripple effect of positive changes that enhance every aspect of your life. As you embark on this journey, be prepared to discover these unintended yet wholly welcome consequences, as you transform into the most empowered, vibrant version of yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What if I have never participated in any type of coaching before?
A: The SHE BE ME program is designed to accommodate women at all levels of their self-discovery journey, whether you are new to coaching or have participated in similar programs before.

Q: How much time do I need to commit each week?
A: We recommend setting aside 3-4 hours each week for the activities and reflections. This includes participation in coaching sessions, completing your homework, and any personal reflection time.

Q: Can I participate in the program from anywhere?
A: Yes, the program is designed to be fully accessible online, allowing participants from all over the globe to join and benefit from the transformative journey.

Q: What happens after the three months? Can I continue with the program?
A: Absolutely! After the initial three months, you have the option to renew your journey with us. Each renewal phase allows you to delve deeper into the practices and continue your path of personal growth and empowerment.

“I have had two energy sessions with Allie and both have been accurate and revealing. She helped illuminate where my energy was stuck, and swirling. I love the energy work and gaining clarity but most of all I love and benefit from the practical tools and flower essences. These equip me to harness my power and direct it how I choose too. Using the mudras and the flower essences has awakened my desires, and amplified my energy in every area. I feel like blocks in my lower chakras that I have been trying to heal for decades have finally been unblocked and energy is flowing again. I feel empowered and powerful..”

Jodi McMurry

“Allie, you never cease to amaze me! You can read my energy like CRAZY! It is as if you are in my body reading it from the inside out. Every single thing you said about where my energy is blocked completely resonates with me on the conscious level. You were spot on! I am so impressed with the detailed reports that you provide, including your helpful suggestions for how to support each energy center with the right kinds of essential oils, affirmations, flower essences (and more!) to help free up my energy. I am truly grateful for your incredible talent and for you sharing it with the world.”

“I would love to give a shout out to Allie Theiss! She went in and looked at my sexual energy and I was surprised at how “right on” she was. When I received the email from her after her ‘review’ I was really shocked at all she found. It was nice to know it wasn’t just things I was making up in my head, but she saw them! She gave me a list of things I can do on my own to correct my energy and I am incredibly excited to add and change some things and see my energy shift. Highly recommending her skills not only for your sexual energy but to help you overall.”

Michelle Holland McReavy

Unlock Your Libido with SHE-BE-ME Coaching

Unlock Your Libido with SHE-BE-ME Coaching

Who Is This Program For?

This program is specifically designed for menopausal or postpartum women who are experiencing hormonal changes that affect their physical, emotional, and sexual health. It is ideal for those looking to:

  • Reignite their passion and desire amidst hormonal shifts.
  • Deepen their understanding of themselves both physically and spiritually.
  • Improve their relationships and sexual satisfaction.
  • Achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle that honors their feminine essence.

Renew and Go Deeper

At the end of your initial three-month journey, you have the opportunity to renew your program. Continue to evolve and deepen your practice with advanced techniques and further personalized guidance. Each renewal phase is an invitation to explore new dimensions of your sexuality and well-being, reinforcing and building upon your accomplishments.

Entry into this deeply transformational program is a mutual decision between myself and the prospective client. Our work together involves profound personal growth and an energetic exchange through intimate conversations. Because of this, I am selective about who I work with to ensure the best fit for both parties, and to create an environment where growth and transformation can flourish.

I invite you to book a discovery call, a chance for us to connect on a personal level and determine if we are a good match for this journey. This call will help me understand your unique needs and goals, and see if we align for this transformative process, showing you that your journey is our priority.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident in the transformative power of the SHE BE ME program. If you follow the plan, complete all assigned homework, and still find yourself not satisfied within the first two weeks, you can submit your completed homework with your specific concerns, and we will provide a full refund. Your satisfaction and growth are our top priorities.