SensualShui – $250


SensualShui – $250

SensualShui is the practice of Feng Shui combined with attracting passion & desire.

Everything in this world is made up of energy. Feng Shui is the art placement to ensure that good chi (energy) moves freely. When energy does not move freely, sex lives get stagnant and tend to behave as if on life support.

Allie is here to help you shift the energy as such so that your sex life is spicy and sensual.

Did You Know That In Your Bedroom:

  • The southwest corner is considered the love, marriage and sex area.

  • A metallic object in that same corner exhausts the chi of the room.

  • No computers, TV or other electronic equipment should be in the room as this too diminishes the chi of the bedroom.

  • That the color orange is actually the color of sexual energy and red is the color of passion/intense emotions.

Allie will help you SensualShui your bedroom and bathroom (if attached to bedroom) to allow positive energy (chi) to flow freely and put an end to lackluster bedroom passion (shar chi).

How This Works:

Allie receives from you picture/s of your bedroom and bathroom (if attached to the bedroom). She studies the pictures and emails them back to you with affordable solutions. You implement the fixes.

With SensualShui, your bedroom and/or bath are now energetically designed to bring in passion & desire.

“What a difference a few design changes made to my bedroom & my sex life! Never underestimate the power of a well-placed crystal.”

Marie Franks - Charleston