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Sexual desire & passion with or without partner!
Confidence in and out of the bedroom!
Soul-to-soul love.
The skill to reinvigorate passion into YOU and your romantic relationships!
Increased abundance, flowing creativity, boundary-less manifestation, heightened intuition, & un-stoppable personal power!
Red Hot 180 is a program designed to take your passion & desire from lackluster to va-va-vroom in 28 days. 




Who is the Woman behind Red Hot 180?

Allie Theiss, MSc
Allie Theiss, MScChief Red Hottie
Hi, I’m Allie Theiss, and I’m a Sexual Wellness Coach for Women. My belief is simple: energy and wellness are the keys to a woman’s sexual desire & passion. That is why everything I do centers around those two things. I have worked with energy for the last 40 years and started to help people with sexual energy back in 2003 with “Out of Body Ecstasy.” I am a trained profession sex coach with a master’s degree in psychology. I created this masterclass on female passion & desire, after my lackluster sexual-self in my 40s and experiencing the failure of western medicine.

How Do We Get From Lackluster To Va-Va-Vroom?

  • Week One: play with your red energy and discover what caused your passion to go into hibernation.
  • Week Two: engage with your orange energy and dust off your desire.
  • Week Three: embrace your yellow energy and explore your body to discover new ways of awakening passion & desire from their slumber.
  • Week Four: feel into your pink & green energies and relearn the emotional building blocks of your sex drive as you open your heart to love and release past hurt.
  • Aftercare: using the four energies in tandem to embrace your life with your rejuvenated sex goddess status.

Red Hot 180 is Waitlisted

To create the best experience for our current and future members we open for enrollment twice a year with with small groups. This enables our new members to create strong bonds and connections with their fellow peers who join the RH180 at the same time.
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