Red Passion Flower Essence – $25

Red Passion Flower Essence – $25

Fuel Your Passion

Are you ready to energize your passion?

It’s been bored lately, watching you get stuck in your head & feeling anxious.

Permission from you + this flower essence combo will help you get out of your head, back into your body, and fuel your passion.

Unsure what constitutes a flower essence? CLICK HERE to find out more!

The Red Passion Flower Essence combo includes:

  • Purple Flowering Raspberry

  • Austrian Copper Rose

  • Madagascar Periwinkle

  • Pomegranate

  • Red Shiso

Remedies are created & charged under a full moon in small batches.

Flower essences work with your energy field and do not interfere with any medications you may be taking.

Dosage: How much you take and how often is based on your intuition. There’s no wrong amount you can take. There’s no way you can take too much.

Suggested dosage to start: 4 drops 3x a day the 1st week. 3 drops 3x a day the 2nd week. 2 drops 3x a day for the 3rd week.  2 drops 2x a day for the 4th week.

Place the drops in a 4 oz of spring water. Swirl the liquid to mix.  Drink.

Do not let your mouth or tongue touch the dropper. The energy mix will combine your current energy with the energy of the flower essence and null & void the reason you are taking the essence.

Storage: In a dark place away from heat. DO NOT STORE IN THE BATHROOM!

“All I can say is WOW! It’s wonderful to not live in my head any longer AND have my passion back. My passion isn’t limited to sexual or romaticpassion, but passion for life, passion for work, passion for a cause. You’ll see a monthly order from me!”

Tina Johnson AZ

“Thank you Allie! You are the best!”

Lisa J CO