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Passion – what is it?

It’s needed to keep relationships alive and healthy. Hell, it’s even required to find a relationship and get it going. Without this fire, there’s no will to keep the sizzle alive in a relationship.

So one would think that this nice sultry burn is pretty damn important. Right?

But when I asked single women and those in a relationship if it was necessary – only 55% said yes! The ladies in a relationship, their answer I only got a 30% yes! YIKES!

Next, I asked, if someone asked you for advice about how to bring passion into his or her life, what would you say?

Here is some of the worst advice:

  • It comes naturally. You shouldn’t have to work at it.
  • It’s there, or it isn’t.
  • Find a new partner.
  • Have an affair.
  • It means either I no longer love her or she no longer loves me.
  • Have sex.

One person – ONE PERSON said that passion took work.

NO ONE said that a single person could have passion in her life. No one!

No wonder passion is absent from so many people’s lives!!

And some of the best advice on passion:

Passion takes work.

Romantic passion needs effort from both parties. 

Passion wants you to open up and get turned on. 

Sex needs passion, but passion doesn’t need sex. 

Passion needs a single person to want it. 

The single woman + passion turns her into an attraction magnet. 

Passion wants to come out and play — put in the effort!

The next time your relationship (or life if single) is missing that zing of passion – do yourself a favor and add it back in. It can be as simple as a note that says “I want you,” or a bath with blood orange essential oils.

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