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The term mudra is a word from the West to describe the placement of hands. Originally it was a Sanskrit word meaning “seal” or “sign,” a position of the body, or a symbolic gesture of the hand. It has also been used in Buddhism, Tantrism, and traditional dance in India. In Asia, mudra is considered as a movement. A sexual mudra is a gesture or movement used for sex & an essential part of ayurvedic medicine.

The orgasmic meridian is also called the yin meridian. It is located in the body in the middle of the perineum. The perineum, also called the pelvic floor muscle, exists in both women and men: it is found on a woman’s body between the anus and the rear part of the vaginal opening.

In this exercise, you (or a partner) will be gently pressing on this orgasmic yin point. By doing so, you will sensitize the entire genital region, especially if a partner is doing the pressing (though be very careful not to press too hard). Pleasure is reinforced by gentleness and patience. Certain pleasurable sensations are mainly brought about by repeated muscular stimulation so you might want to repeat this exercise several times.

Remember, this exercise can be performed solo, but if you have a partner, you should guide him or her to exert the correct amount of pleasure.

Orgasmic Yin Exercise:

  • To strengthen the Orgasmic Yin point, press on this area several times; use the tip of your middle index finger in short, brisk motions.
  • Carefully try pressing more intensely to stimulate the area described.

The effect is noticeable because this muscle is linked to orgasm (hence the name). Although there are many different types of orgasms (at least 2 for men and at least 3 for women), it is this yin form which orgasm most often originates.

Enjoy this – again, and again, and again.

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