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Hello, I’m Allie Theiss (she/her), a dedicated sexologist employing holistic methods to transform sexual wellness. Someone once asked me why I help women at different stages (trying to conceive, postpartum, menopause) with their low sex drive and the other symptoms that drive her – and others – crazy. It was an easy question to answer – being through all the stages myself, I wanted to help women live their best life.

Everyone has the right to sparkle! I am thrilled to do what I do!

SHE-BE-ME Coaching Framework(tm)

Whether I am providing guidance in group coaching, individual coaching, or during a sexologist consultation, my approach is consistently structured around the SHE-BE-ME coaching framework. This methodology is specifically designed to honor and address the multifaceted nature of women as sexual beings. Recognizing the complexity and depth of women, the SHE-BE-ME framework is meticulously crafted to cater to each individual’s unique and diverse aspects.

Spirituality is integral to sexual wellness, fostering deep connections with oneself and a partner, often going beyond mere physical interaction. This spiritual connection enriches intimacy, emotional depth, and mutual understanding in relationships while aligning sexual practices with personal values and beliefs enhances fulfillment and authenticity in sexual experiences. Acknowledging diverse cultural and social influences on spirituality can further deepen this understanding.

Health, encompassing physical and mental aspects, is critical to a woman’s sexual wellness. Acknowledging the prevalence of chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or immune disorders, this model highlights the importance of adapting to and managing these conditions. Mental health care, including stress management, is equally vital in maintaining a balanced and fulfilling sex life, regardless of health challenges.

A woman’s sexual wellness is greatly influenced by her environment, with factors like safety, stress, and physical surroundings playing key roles. Stressful or unsafe environments can hinder sexual desire and satisfaction. In contrast, a supportive, safe, and stress-free environment fosters increased libido and overall sexual health. Awareness of environmental pollutants and their impact on hormonal balance is also crucial for maintaining sexual function.

The human body, as the physical medium of sexual pleasure and intimacy, is foundational to sexual wellness. An understanding of one’s body, its responses, and needs is important to a healthier and more gratifying sexual experience. Emphasizing regular health check-ups and good physical health aids in preventing sexual health issues and enhances overall sexual well-being. This includes acknowledging the impact of technology and media on body image and sexual expectations.

Energy is redefined as the aura surrounding all living beings, integral to our sexual wellness. This aura, a dynamic and interactive field, reflects and influences our emotional, spiritual, and physical states. By learning to sense and harmonize our aura and its interactions with others, particularly in intimate relationships, we can deepen our connections and enhance the richness of our sexual experiences. Embracing practices like meditation, mindfulness, and energy-based techniques (like Reiki or Qi Gong) help maintain a balanced aura, fostering a profound and spiritual dimension to sexual wellness.

The mind, being a pivotal sex organ, shapes desires, fantasies, and perceptions of intimacy, playing a pivotal role in developing a healthy sexual identity. Mental health influences emotional connections with partners, body image, and self-esteem. Practical communication skills stem from a healthy mental state, essential in expressing desires and setting boundaries.

Emotions profoundly impact sexual wellness, influencing comfort, trust, and desire in intimate encounters. They are central to fostering healthy relationships and enhancing communication, empathy, and mutual understanding regarding sexual needs and boundaries. This leads to more satisfying, consensual, and emotionally fulfilling sexual experiences. Recognizing and managing emotional health is as important as addressing physical aspects of wellness.

“I have had two energy sessions with Allie and both have been accurate and revealing. She helped illuminate where my energy was stuck, and swirling. I love the energy work and gaining clarity but most of all I love and benefit from the practical tools and flower essences. These equip me to harness my power and direct it how I choose too. Using the mudras and the flower essences has awakened my desires, and amplified my energy in every area. I feel like blocks in my lower chakras that I have been trying to heal for decades have finally been unblocked and energy is flowing again. I feel empowered and powerful..”

Jodi McMurry

“Allie, you never cease to amaze me! You can read my energy like CRAZY! It is as if you are in my body reading it from the inside out. Every single thing you said about where my energy is blocked completely resonates with me on the conscious level. You were spot on! I am so impressed with the detailed reports that you provide, including your helpful suggestions for how to support each energy center with the right kinds of essential oils, affirmations, flower essences (and more!) to help free up my energy. I am truly grateful for your incredible talent and for you sharing it with the world.”

“I would love to give a shout out to Allie Theiss! She went in and looked at my sexual energy and I was surprised at how “right on” she was. When I received the email from her after her ‘review’ I was really shocked at all she found. It was nice to know it wasn’t just things I was making up in my head, but she saw them! She gave me a list of things I can do on my own to correct my energy and I am incredibly excited to add and change some things and see my energy shift. Highly recommending her skills not only for your sexual energy but to help you overall.”

Michelle Holland McReavy

Passion, Desire, and Sexual Wellness

Are you ready to reignite passion and desire?

I work with remarkable people like you who are transitioning through big life changes and want to enjoy sex instead of making it a chore.

Sexual Wellness Attracts:

fountain of creativity

fiery passion

mental clarity

physical & emotional wellness

personal power & confidence

deeper intimacy with yourself and others

soul-to-soul love

and toe-curling, sweet orgasmic feeling, blood-pumping energy.

I help you thrive with a holistic approach to enhance overall sexual health:

Flower Essences
Essential Oils
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Feng Shui
Brain Power



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