Flower essences can ease or eliminate emotional, spiritual or mental upheaval. Trying to explain flower essences in a simple, yet informative way, is difficult at best. But I will give it my best shot.

What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are a blessing from the Divine.  They are subtle liquid extracts – usually taken in the oral form – that can help strengthen, repair, heal, balance and create harmony to our personal electrical system when it is out of sorts.  They have the ability to smooth out the rough spots during emotional, spiritual and mental duress.  Flower essences can help one cope with a abundance of stress so that the lessons you need to learn, you will, instead of shutting down because of harsh judgment or desperation.

How Do Flower Essences Work?

Each of us are comprised of a complex electrical system.  When our energy flows smoothly, we experience health, balance, inner harmony and a connection to the Divine. When our energy is challenged by the lessons of daily life, our systems can overload, go haywire, or shut down.  Until the electrical imbalances are correct, you are cut off from the very electrical life force energy you need to maintain health and balance.  Where the energy has been disturbed or interrupted transforms into the areas where you will find aches, pains and sickness.

Flower essences are a vibrational solution to our energetic electrical problem.  They do not work because of a chemical composition, and therefore do not interfere with medications set to fix or actually mask, a physical problem.   Each flower essence is a high frequency electrical remedy which has been empowered with the heavenly wisdom and energetic vibrational pattern of that particular flower.  The life force is derived from the plant and normally sun/moon infused in a bowl of water, which is further broken down and polarized and then preserved.

Once taken, usually orally, the flower essences offer our energy a vibrational mode of wellness by giving our electrical system the information it needs to solve the problems.  Our electrical systems absorb the information stored within the vibrational energy of the flower essences and our energy system gets re-balanced.  When the electrical system is realigned, we are in tune with the Divine, with our soul and with an infinite supply of love.

One note to share:  the essence can bring to the surface repressed feeling/emotions that need to be dealt with in order for your energy system to re-balance.  I like to warn people so that you are not surprised if buried thoughts suddenly pop up.