Does Sex Feel Like a Chore

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WEEKEND WELLNESS TIP: Experiment with Lubricants

They can enhance pleasure and reduce discomfort during sex. There are many types, so find what works best for you. My two favorites are SLiquid and Quim.

TOPIC: Does Sex Feel Like a Chore

I get this concern frequently among clients in my private practice at The Passion Zone and with my work at the Maven Clinic.

Sex can feel like something else to check off our to-do list for many reasons:

  • Too tired from the day’s work.
  • Not in the mood – ever.
  • There’s still work to do.

And the list can go on and on.

While all of those can be true – what else might be going on is your hormones took a hike or are involved in another aspect of your body.

Post-partum and menopause do different things with your hormones. Post-partum, if you’re breastfeeding, that is where your hormones are at – helping you make milk for the baby. If you’re not breastfeeding, it still takes 6 – 8 weeks for your hormones to return. Menopause – they’ve gone and left you behind.

What’s worse than us not getting that loving feeling is that our partners think it’s them. They believe they are the reason we do not want to get intimate.

This doesn’t describe everyone – but those who identify as male need sex to feel emotionally close to their partner. Those who identify as female need the emotional connection first, and then sex follows.

Our brains are our largest sex organ – if your brain is not thinking of sex, your body going to follow – it’s not going to want sex.

My three best tips – just for you guys:

  • Read romance novels – one chapter a night.
  • Recreate intimacy by having date nights.
  • Being present – don’t multitask during sex. Focus on where you are and what you are going.
  • Be honest with your partner if some smooth moves no longer work. Our bodies change as we give birth and as we age. Can’t tell them directly? Write it down and give it to them.

No one likes to look at sex with their partner as a chore – and it doesn’t make your partner feel loved to be a chore.

Give my four suggestions a try. Want to talk more? Connect with me through a free discovery session. Link is in the show’s notes.

Disclaimer: This in-depth article is meant to offer insights and information. It is not a substitute for individualized professional advice. Always consult a healthcare or mental health professional for personal concerns or issues.


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