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Erotic thoughts, mind, and body is the state you want to be in during sex. But too many times the ‘erotic state’ is the furthest thing from your mind. Conscious Breathing is an easy way to free yourself from unwelcome thoughts and reconnect with erotic sensations.


Choose a space and a time hat will allow you to remain alone and undisturbed for the duration of the practice. All electronic devices need to be off! This is not quality time – it’s sacred time – time for yourself, time for your lover, time for ecstasy.

Take a shower first – wash away the cares of the day. Use a few minutes from your shower to your practice time to transition from daily life to sacred life. Wear loose & comfortable clothing.


Allow 10 min for this exercise.

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. For 1 min do nothing at all. Try to watch what’s going on behind your closed eyes.

Unless you meditate on a regular basis – thoughts may flood your mind. This is what we’re going to try to quiet. Why? Because with so many thoughts tickling your brain –  your breathing is shallow & with shallow breathing it is difficult to experience erotic sensations.

So let’s start again…

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. This time focus on your breathing rather than your mental state. As you inhale, feel the fresh air coming in through your nostrils. Follow it down into your chest and belly. As you exhale, feel the warm air coming out of your nostrils. Note the gentle rise and fall of your stomach as you inhale & exhale.

Notice what happens each time you lose awareness of your breathing, Your mind moves away to some thoughts, and suddenly you realize that you have taken several breaths without being conscious of them. Your awareness shifts somewhere else, and your breathing switches back to being shallow and automatic.

Each time this happens, bring your awareness back to your breathing. Follow each breath down to your abdomen and then out again as you exhale. Be patient and easy on yourself. Moving out of your head and back into your body comes naturally as you follow the current of your breath, but it doesn’t happen without practice. Count every moment that your awareness remains on the breath as successful and every time you return to conscious breathing after a lapse.

Do this exercise a few times until you begin to notice the difference between breathing that takes place while you are thinking and breathing with awareness.

Doing this simple exercise regularly will expand your capacity to be sensual. You will begin to notice how you can receive more pleasure by increasing your sensitivity to what is naturally available, rather than by seeking experiences of increasing intensity.  This enables you to tune in, filter, and amplify your sensations to awaken your Inner Lover.