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Orgasmic Yin Mudra for Orgasmic Pleasure


The term mudra is a word from the West to describe the placement of hands. Originally it was a Sanskrit word meaning "seal" or "sign," a position of the body, or a symbolic gesture of the hand.

Orgasmic Yin Mudra for Orgasmic Pleasure2019-07-06T22:23:52-04:00

Crystal Grid For Sexual Energy


Crystals help give an energy boost for all occasions. This portable crystal grid is the energy enhancement for sexual desire wherever you want it!

Crystal Grid For Sexual Energy2019-07-06T20:54:00-04:00

6 Flower Essences For Sexual Desire


Life has a habit of knocking us up and dragging us down. Give flower essences a try the next time you need a surge of sexual energy for sex, creativity, or all-over wellness. 

6 Flower Essences For Sexual Desire2019-07-06T20:56:41-04:00


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