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If you’ve ever heard me talk or write before about sexual energy, you’ll know how important it is to us – as humans – and why I harp on the importance of keeping sexual energy strong and vibrant.


Because this vibrant energy is also in charge of how creative we can be and our ability to attract abundance is all its forms: money, love, friends, opportunities, clients, etc… Our sacral charka stores our sexual energy and vibrates to the power of orange. This is why The Passion Zone’s colors are orange and red.

Two energy killers that I’ve mentions numerous times before are SSRIs (all drugs for depression & anxiety) and just about every disease known to man & the pharmacological treatments.

But there are 5 sexy energy killers I bet you never thought of before.

5 Surefire Ways to Kill Your Sexual Energy

  1. Stress from well – anything: money, job, kids, family, friends, neighbors, etc… When you’re stressed, you worry. When you suffer, your red energy rises. Once the red energy expands, it is almost a guarantee that you will get stuck in your head replaying the thoughts over and over that made you worry to start. Although red energy is in charge of passion & desire (anger, frustration, manifestation, survival), once your red energy is too high, you’re stuck in your head. Surefire sexual energy killer.
  2. You’re not happy with your partner. Sure, make-up sex rocks. But it’s only helpful when you’re both at peace with the outcome of the argument. 9/10 times one person “wins” and one “loses”. People put too much focus on being RIGHT. This damages your yellow confidence energy and Heart Energy. If you’re pissed off at your partner, but they don’t know — you carry that resentment around in your heart energy & communication energy. Sexual energy – DOA.
  3. You’re not over your ex. It can be an ex you just broke up with or someone from grade school. Point is your heart never healed. It is very difficult to express sexual energy when your heart still carries pain. Sexual energy = :(
  4. Living arrangements. Are you living with your parents? Your kids (either you in their house or they in yours)? Are you in a house from an ex-relationship? Hate your apt building? Do your neighbors suck (see #1)? When you are someplace you hate living it damages your red energy (see #1), & heart energy. Sexual energy is snoozing.
  5. Do you have family pictures or religious symbols in your bedroom? They may not consciously bother you, but your subconscious is having a problem allowing you to orgasm or get turned on to start with your mother, kids, or Jesus looking down at you. This takes a stab directly at your sexual energy and your yellow confidence energy. As much as you love your family and your religion, place these items out of sight of your bed. If you cannot, the hallway outside your room or the living room are two good places to move them. Sexual energy = chastise belt.

Of course, having children and responsibilities up the wa-zoo will also chip away at your sexual energy!

There are many reasons your sexual energy can tank – many more than your age or your health.  Women are not men, there are no one or two answers for why we can’t get in the mood. Keep this in mind when your energy is on life support. If you’d like some help identifying the reasons + having workable solutions – I can help!

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